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About us

At Brutal we believe in challenging the status-quo around plant-protein and clean eating. We believe that by offering a better snack choice, we can influence positive change in people, people's health and the environment.

We are non conformists and have set-out on a mission to introduce 'Chocho' lupin bean, a variety of lupin that grows at an elevation of 11,000 to 14,000 feet, in the Andean region of Ecuador, brutally superior in nutritional value, and environmental impact.

The harsh environmental conditions of the region where 'chocho' grows, contributes to its survival superpowers, and one of the main reasons that make it the highest protein content compared to all other lupin varieties, and a highly efficient and regenerative crop, basically waterless as it only needs rain to grow.

The outcome was to create one hell of a puff snack, in three amazing flavors, protein-packed, delicious and light, for any hour, any place, any mood or vibe.

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